Titans Talk


Thank you all for your participation in our Titans Talk sessions this year.  We hope you found then helpful and informative.  Our next Titans Talk will be in the 2021-22 school year.   


Grading Policy

40% Assessments: Tests, Quizzes, Formative/Summative Assessments; Major Projects

60% Classwork/Homework: Class Assignments, Daily Small Projects

Parents are asked to refrain from doing the student’s assignments. However, as stated in Item 13 of the Family Contract, parents are responsible for seeing that students complete and turn in assignments. Failure to complete classwork or homework assignments will result in mandatory Saturday School. All assignments must be completed. Late assignments are subject to partial credit at the discretion of the assigning teacher. Students with more than five (5) missing assignments may not be eligible to attend extracurricular activities. 

Titans Talk 2 - Behavior/Safety


Titans Talk 1 - 8/28/2020

Recently, our Administrators held live parent meetings to answer questions and disseminate information. Recordings of the videos and notes from the meetings can be viewed below.  Please Note: Parents will not be able to login to itsLearning until the Parent Portal is active.
Dr Kolman Titans Talk Notes      Mr Brown Titans Talk Notes      Dr Branch Titans Talk Notes

 TT Video 6th   7th Gr Titans Talk   8th Gr TT
   6th Grade                                                         7th Grade                                                          8th Grade