Titans Talk


Titans Talk is a virtual session held each quarter where members of the OCS Leadership Team provide current information, initiatives and directives.  

Titan Administrators

Kevin Wall, Principal

Dr. Jennifer Kolman, Assistant Principal-6th, School Safety

James Shehane, Assistant Principal-Looping, MTSS

Paul Vogel, Assistant Principal-7th, PBIS

Jennifer Darke, Assistant Principal-8th, Title 1


Oglethorpe Charter School serves students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. All of Oglethorpe’s teachers are trained in the Georgia Standards of Excellence which are directly aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards. All students at Oglethorpe take core classes in reading/literature, writing/grammar, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to the regular curriculum, students will receive:

  • Character Education
  • Instruction in study skills, test-taking, note-taking, and time-management
  • 15 minutes set aside each day for sustained silent reading in reading classes
  • Specialized instruction for students not meeting standards in reading and math
  • Enrichment opportunities for students exceeding standards in reading and math
  • Remediation opportunities for students who are struggling in their subjects.
  • Career/College Readiness
  • Goal Setting

In the event of an excused absence, assignment deadlines will be extended one day for each day’s absence. Absence from school for illness or to attend a special school function does not excuse a student from the responsibility for completing assignments in and out of class. 

Grading Policy- The following grading policy has been adopted by Oglethorpe Charter School:
     ▪ 60% Assessments: Tests, quizzes, Formative/Summative Assessments, Major Projects.
     ▪ 40% Classwork: Homework, Daily Class Assignments, Small Projects
     ▪ High Honor Roll - GPA of 95 or higher in all subjects with no grade less than 90.
     ▪ Honor Roll – GPA of 90 or higher in all subjects with no grade less than 85.
       Honor rolls may be published in the quarterly newsletter and the local newspaper. Students will also be recognized for earning Honor Roll at any point throughout the school year.

Grade Reporting and Tracking Policy - Report cards are published through the Parent Portal every nine weeks
based on district schedule. Parents should check Power School to be notified if students have a GPA below 70.
Students who have failed courses at the end of the first semester are sent home a Critical Decision Forms.
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) are required to schedule a parent conference with the student’s team. Parents are also
encouraged to enroll in Parent Access; please contact Ms. Sarita Grant (Information Specialist). The ending
nine (9) weeks grades may not have a numerical value lower than 60.

Grading Procedure - The following grading scale will be used to report students’ achievement in all school
subjects: 90 – 100 = A 80 – 90 = B 70 – 79 = C 0 – 69 = F.