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Parents will need to use the directions in this link for Drop-off and Pickup in the mornings and afternoons:  
 Pick-up and Drop Off Directions 22-23

1. All 7th grade students must be up to date on their immunization records by September 9th or they will be withdrawn from OCS until the records are current. Please contact Nurse Borden with any questions at 395-5079.
2. If your child has an epi pen, inhaler, diabetic, seizure or routine medications, please drop them off  to the nurse between the hours of 6:30 am and 2:00 pm.  Paperwork must be filled out in the Nurse's Office to accompany the medication.

Students are NOT allowed to bring personal Laptops or Chromebooks from home.
Students may only use OCS Chromebooks to complete work at school.

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***More information will be added to this page as needed and when available.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at 912-395-5075 or email the Principal, Kevin Wall, at

School Nutrition Program

On July 1st, please fill out the form for free or reduced school lunch to see if your child qualifies here:
Federal Waivers that have provided free school lunch for everyone through the pandemic are expiring for 2022-23.  
 School Nutrition 

Vaccinations for School

Certain vaccinations are required before your child can attend school. Please make sure your child is up to date before the school year starts.  You may click on the links below to learn what your child needs:
GA Dept of Public Health Website
7th Grade Vaccine Handbook
Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccines
Teen Teaching Sheet
Give Em Your Best Shot

Complete vaccination records can be mailed to the school or scanned copies can be emailed to Nurse Bolden at Dolores.Borden@sccpss.comDept of Health logo 

2022-23 Grading Policy

Oglethorpe Charter School serves students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. All of Oglethorpe’s teachers are trained in the Georgia Standards of Excellence which are directly aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards. All students at Oglethorpe take core classes in reading/literature, writing/grammar, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to the regular curriculum, students will receive:

  • Character Education
  • Instruction in study skills, test-taking, note-taking, and time-management
  • 15 minutes set aside each day for sustained silent reading in reading classes
  • Specialized instruction for students not meeting standards in reading and math
  • Enrichment opportunities for students exceeding standards in reading and math
  • Remediation opportunities for students who are struggling in their subjects.
  • Career/College Readiness
  • Goal Setting

In the event of an excused absence, assignment deadlines will be extended one day for each day’s absence. Absence from school for illness or to attend a special school function does not excuse a student from the responsibility for completing assignments in and out of class. 

Grading Policy- The following grading policy has been adopted by Oglethorpe Charter School:
     ▪ 60% Assessments: Tests, quizzes, Formative/Summative Assessments, Major Projects.
     ▪ 40% Classwork: Homework, Daily Class Assignments, Small Projects
     ▪ High Honor Roll - GPA of 95 or higher in all subjects with no grade less than 90.
     ▪ Honor Roll – GPA of 90 or higher in all subjects with no grade less than 85.
       Honor rolls may be published in the quarterly newsletter and the local newspaper. Students will also be recognized for earning Honor Roll at any point throughout the school year.

Grade Reporting and Tracking Policy - Report cards are published through the Parent Portal every nine weeks
based on district schedule. Parents should check Power School to be notified if students have a GPA below 70.
Students who have failed courses at the end of the first semester are sent home a Critical Decision Forms.
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) are required to schedule a parent conference with the student’s team. Parents are also
encouraged to enroll in Parent Access; please contact Ms. Sarita Grant (Information Specialist). The ending
nine (9) weeks grades may not have a numerical value lower than 60.

Grading Procedure - The following grading scale will be used to report students’ achievement in all school
subjects: 90 – 100 = A 80 – 90 = B 70 – 79 = C 0 – 69 = F.

Attendance Policy

Student attendance is the responsibility of the parent and the student. School attendance and academic success are causally related. When students are absent from school, their absence causes a loss of instructional time and could result in poor academic performance.  
If a student arrives to school after 7:45 am, the parent/guardian MUST come inside the building and sign their child in at the front office. 

Excused and/or Unexcused Absences - Oglethorpe’s policy is that each student is allowed 5 excused or unexcused absences each semester without penalty. After 10 total absences, students may be assigned a morning or an afterschool admin-managed detention after the first 10-days of school as well as a Saturday school to make up the missed time and may be referred to our school social worker. Unexcused absence will be subject to attendance investigation.

Unexcused Absences (1-Full Day, 2-5 Full Days/10 Full Days) - If a student is marked with a chronic unexcused absence (chronic attendance and/or tardies to school a.m. class) for the school day, the student will not be allowed to participate or attend extracurricular activities scheduled on the day of the absence and/or for a period of time as determined by administration after having held a truancy meeting. After 10 or more days total absences, students will be considered truant and will be referred to our school social worker and be required to make up missed time by attending a mandatory academic Saturday school.

PowerSchool - Parent Access

PowerSchool logo How do I sign up for and use Parent Access?
Please contact our Student Information Specialist at if you do not have your login information. Once you are properly identified, your student's access ID and password will be provided. Each child will have a separate access ID and you will need to link each to the account you create in Parent Access. Instructions for using the Parent Access portal is posted on the BOE website.  Click here for Parent Access How to Videos.

Thanks to a new Year-Round Update (YRU) enhancement in the Power School Parent Access Portal, parents can now update personal information throughout the school year.  The YRU allows parents and guardians to update phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts at any time.  Information is updated immediately upon form submission.   This enhancement gives parents more control over their student's data. 
Please note that addresses and parent/guardian names cannot be updated in the YRU. Parents will need to contact the schools directly for those requests as additional documentation is required. 
 Parent Access why and how 

Parent Access will be available for login after the tenth day of each school year and will close five days before the end of each marking period. In addition, as the marking period changes from one quarter to another, you can expect to have access to your student's grades for the new quarter five days after the start of the quarter.

The Learning Management System (LMS)

For virtual learning and beyond, OCS will be using a Learning Management System (LMS) known as itsLearning.  itsLearning is an online cloud-based solution that will provide parents, students, and staff a “one stop shop” for all things related to curriculum and content management, instruction, tools for assessment and communication, and reporting and analytics. The system will integrate content to provide a seamless process for remote learning and will be accessible via the District website.

Students will access the LMS via their device anywhere that has an internet connection. Simply visit our E-Learning page or for the login portal. OCS Teachers will populate the system with lessons, classroom assignments and will communicate with parents and students via messages and/or email.

An easy way to understand the LMS is to picture a house that contains everything you need!  OCS Teachers will have the ability to customize learning tools to fit the needs of our students!


The Oglethorpe Charter School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is accepting memberships for the 2022-23 school year.  The cost if $5 per family.  If you would like to join, serve on the PTO Board, serve on a committee, or be a volunteer, please contact Germain Nieves, PTO President, at

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