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OCS Winter Band Concert Thursday December 12th, 2019

Band Winter Concert

December 12th, 2019


The Band Winter Concert will be on Thursday December 12th. Students will go home after school like normal and will need to be back to school by 5:30pm wearing their band uniform, the concert will begin exactly at 6:00pm. The band uniform will be the band polo shirt, black pants/skirt (skirts must go below the knee when student sits down), solid black shoes, black socks (if needed), and black belt (if needed). The band uniform is mandatory for student performance. Failure to wear appropriate attire may result in the student being asked to sit out the concert (thus not receiving credit for the performance). The concert will count as a test grade for all band students. Failure to reach out regarding a student absence from the concert will result in an automatic zero-test grade.



Thank you,


Paul Vogel

Director of Bands

Oglethorpe Charter School

912-395-5075 ext: 746136

After School Band Rehearsals for Winter Concert

Good Afternoon,


I hope everyone is doing well. We are going to have a few mandatory after school band practices in preparation for our Winter Concert. This is extremely important for our band students, so they can learn how their individual parts fit into context with the entire combined band. Just like the concert, these rehearsals will be counted as test grades. If your student will need to miss a rehearsal, please communicate with Mr. Vogel ahead of time (illness, family emergency, or splitting the time with another OCS school activity are typically the only excused absences) . All rehearsals go until 4:30pm, pick up will be at the side of the building along the bus ramp.


Please see the Calendar on the band page: https://oglethorpe-charter-school.echalksites.com/groups/24202/titan_bands/oc_titan_band_and_class_calendar


Our band will be divided up into 3 different Groups this year.


Symphonic Band – This band will be made up of the 8th grade, with a very few/specific 6th and 7th graders as invited by the director.  


Concert Band – This will me our middle level band. It is made up of our 7th Graders and Advanced 6th Grade Class.


Beginning Band – These students are true beginners, who have not played a band instrument before this school year. (6B - Beginning Band will not have any mandatory after school rehearsals for this concert)



Symphonic Band After School Schedule:

All 8th grade and specific 6th/7th grade students as invited by the director

Nov. 6th

Nov. 20th

Dec. 11th


Concert Band After School Schedule:

All 7th grade and Advanced 6th Grade students

Oct. 30th

Nov. 13th

Dec. 4th


All rehearsals go until 4:30pm


 Thank you,


 Paul Vogel

Director of Bands

Oglethorpe Charter School

912-395-5075 ext: 746136




 Band Syllabus 2019- 2020.pdf (sign and return by August 16th)

 Band Shirt order form 2019-2020.pdf  (Due by September 16th)

Band Book order form 2019- 2020.pdf (Due by August 9th)***


Click on the above link to open the corresponding document.

Everyone needs to return a signed syllabus & shirt order form.

***Students in 6A, 7th grade, and 8th grade (not 6B beginning band) have the option to order their band book(s) through OCS. However to do so, orders must be submitted by Friday August 9th. No late book orders will be accepted.



Shirt Order deadline extended to 9/16

Due to Hurricane Dorian, we will be extending the deadline to turn in shirt orders & payment to Sept. 16th 

6B Beginning band will start Instruments Tuesday 8/13!!!

Portman's just delivered our rental night instruments today.

If students / families have their instrument & band book at home, tomorrow (8/13) is the time to start bringing it!

Email reminder sent out tonight as well!

Thank you,

Mr. Vogel



Band supplies and how to get them!



  1. Instrument (If you already have an instrument, skip this step)
    1. The first option to getting an instrument is attending an instrument night July 30th or August 6th. The event is a drop in event from 4-6pm. We will have all the instruments set up for the students to try. There will be representatives there to help set up rentals for instruments. These instruments will be delivered straight to the school about a week later. These rental nights are specifically for 6th graders enrolled in the beginning band class. All other students will begin playing on their 2nd day of class.
    2. If you cannot attend the instrument night, you can go directly to Portman’s Music in Savannah. All you need to do is tell them that your student is a beginning band student at Oglethorpe Charter School and they can help you get everything you need.
    3. School instruments are very limited (the vast majority of students will be renting instruments not owned by the school). Should we go this route, there will be specific supplies and accessories students will need to get prior to being issued a school instrument (along with a yearly cleaning/rental fee). Should you have any questions / concerns please reach out directly to Mr. Vogel.
    4. All Band Students (except for 6B, beginning band students, will need to bring their instrument on the second day of class. Day one will be a paperwork / review day, the 2nd day of class we will begin playing.
  2. Accessories
    1. If you are renting an instrument from a music store, all accessories you need will be available from Portman’s. We stock and sell a limited number of these accessories at the school, however they are sold on a first come first serve basis and are not available year round from OCS.
    2. If you have a previously owned instrument, you will need to make sure you have all necessary accessories (reeds, cork grease, valve oil, mouthpieces, etc.). Please feel free to bring in what you have to the instrument night and we can help you get anything you may be missing. You can also contact Mr. Vogel at anytime to make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Book
    1. 6th Grade Beginning band members, if you rent your instrument at our instrument nights, the book will come with the instrument.
    2. All 6th beginning grade band members must own their own copy of “Standard of Excellence – Book 1”. These books are instrument specific and cost approximately $10. You can order one at the instrument nights (it will be delivered with the instruments that are ordered), or you can go to Portman’s Music directly to pick up a book.
    3. All 7th and 8th band members must own their own copy of "Standard of Excellence - Book 2&3", for their instrument. (6A Band Students only need book 2 for their instrument)
    4. Order forms for books for all students except beginning band students (6A, and all 7th and 8th Grade) will be passed out on the first day of class.
    5. You can also look online at various book vendors (Amazon) to order your own copy.
  4. A sturdy folder to hold sheet music and handouts.
  5. 2 Pencils dedicated to band (should be kept in instrument case or folder at all times).



**Please contact Mr. Vogel if you have any questions or concerns.**



6B - Written Assignment - Redo attached

Students in 6B - Beginning Band are allowed to resubmit this classwork assignment by 11/1/2019.

IdentifyTheNotes.pdf  - Actual assignment

Staffs.pdf - key/chart to help with assignment