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Band shirt Order Deadline Extended to Wednesday 9/8/2021

Band shirt Order Deadline Extended to Wednesday 9/8/2021.


Band Polo Shirt is REQUIRED for performances. Shirts cost $15, check / money orders should be made payable to OCS.


Order Form Here:  2020-2021 - band shirt pdf

Beginning Band / Instrument Night Details

Good evening OCS Band Family!


All beginning band classes started instruments in class on 8/23/21. If you have any questions about securing band instruments / books, please reach out ASAP! 


Paul Vogel

Director of Bands

Oglethorpe Charter School

Google Voice Phone: 912-421-8821

912-395-5075 ext: 746136



  1. Instrument (If you already have an instrument, skip this step)
    1. The first option to getting an instrument is attending our instrument night on Thursday August 12th. The event is a drop in event from 6pm – 7:00 PM. We will have all the instruments set up for the students to try. There will be representatives there to help set up rentals for instruments. These instruments will be delivered straight to the school about a week later. The rental night is specifically for 6th graders & 7th graders enrolled in the beginning band class. No other students should attend, if they have already participated in a band class and have their instrument. All NON-Beginner classes (7th grade advanced and all 8th graders) will begin playing on their 2nd day of class.
    2. If you cannot attend the instrument night, you can go directly to Portman’s Music in Savannah. All you need to do is tell them that your student is a beginning band student at Oglethorpe Charter School and they can help you get everything you need.
    3. School instruments are very limited (the vast majority of students will be renting instruments not owned by the school). If this is a need, parents/guardians need to reach out to Mr. Vogel directly ASAP as these supplies are extremely limited.
    4. All non-beginning band students will need to bring their instrument on the second day of class. Day one will be a paperwork / review day, the 2nd day of class we will begin playing. This does not pertain to 6th grade band or beginning 7th grade band.
  2. Accessories
    1. If you are renting an instrument from a music store. We stock and sell a limited number of these accessories (reeds, valve oil, etc) at the school, however they are sold on a first come first serve basis and are not available year round from OCS.
    2. All Clarinet, Saxophone, and Oboe players should have a minimum of 2-3 working reeds at all times. Brass players should have either valve oil or slide oil appropriate to their instrument. Saxophone players must have a neck strap.
    3. If you have a previously owned instrument, you will need to make sure you have all necessary accessories (reeds, cork grease, valve oil, mouthpieces, etc.). Please feel free to bring in what you have to the instrument night and we can help you get anything you may be missing. You can also contact Mr. Vogel at any time to make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Band Book
    1. Beginning band members, if you rent your instrument at our instrument nights, the book will come with the instrument.
    2. All 6th beginning grade band members must own their own copy of “Standard of Excellence – Book 1”. These books are instrument specific and cost approximately $10. They are available through Portman’s Music and from various online vendors.
    3. All 7th and 8th band members must own their own copy of "Standard of Excellence - Book 2", for their instrument.
    4. Order forms for books for non-beginning band students will be passed out on the first day of class. Beginners can secure their book with their instrument at the instrument night or independently through Portman’s Music or an online vendor.
    5. You can also look online at various book vendors (such as Amazon, etc.) to order your own copy. Remember, books are instrument specific.
  4. A sturdy folder to hold sheet music and handouts.
  5. 2 Pencils dedicated to band (should be kept in instrument case or folder at all times).


 **Please contact Mr. Vogel if you have any questions or concerns.**

Email: Paul.Vogel@sccpss.com 

Band Office: 912-395-5075 extension: 746136

Google Voice Number (can receive texts here): 912-421-8821



Beginning Band:

We start with student’s choice of flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, or trombone. We will diversify as the year moves forward according to the needs of students and the band. Beginners may audition for percussion at the end of the first semester as positions open, only exception being students who have participated in band previously as percussionists, they will be grandfathered in as percussionists. Percussion specific equipment requirements (sticks, mallets, etc) will be provided to those students on the first day of school.