The Flying Classroom

The Flying Classroom at OCS

Oglethorpe Charter School entered into a partnership with the Flying Classroom during the spring semester of the 2017-2018 school year. The initial roll-out of this initiative brought Barrington Irving to the school for an assembly and to generate some excitement about STEM.

Barrington Antonio Irving, Jr., C.D. was the youngest person to pilot a plane around the world solo, a feat he accomplished in 2007. He is also the first Jamaican to accomplish this feat.  For more information, please visit the link below.

Flying Classroom’s mission is to facilitate student investigation into core STEM+ areas while seamlessly integrating subject matter across all core subjects. The PK-12 focus of Flying Classroom is to ensure that students have a solid foundation in STEM+ to better prepare them for college, career, and life beyond the classroom setting. The curriculum is aligned to national standards and content is differentiated by grade bands.

Flying Classroom has three core focuses: 1. Challenging students to engage in expeditionary and immersive learning through a STEM+ lens while investigating real-world and global STEM+ challenges. 2. Ensuring that students receive academically aligned STEM+ experiences and instruction while enhancing their abilities to collaborate, engage in critical thinking, communicate proficiently, and employ creativity to solve problems. 3. Provide access to STEM+ content and experiences regardless of socioeconomic status or regional location.

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Explorer Expedition with Oglethorpe Charter School & Savannah State University, May 2019

The Flying Classroom in action at OCS.