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 6th-8th Grade Schedule - 03-15-2021

Contact Teachers

Contact Teacher for each team:
6th Grade-Raven Davis
7th Grade T-Courtney Verdree
7th Grade L-Gretchen Simpson
8th Grade-Monica Roland/James Shehane
Related Arts-Paul Vogel


Check the Teacher Information below to answer the following questions:

1. What video conferencing platform will my child's teacher use?
2. Where in itsLearning will my child find each teacher's live class links?
3. If itsLearning is not working, where will my child find each teacher's live class links?
4. If itsLearning is not working, where will my child find each teacher's assignments?

If you have questions, please contact our Director of Instruction, Tavares Brown at tavares.brown@sccpss.com.


Resource Teacher - Diane Brown
  Email: Diane.Simmons-Brown@sccpss.com

Resource Para - Anna Mullings
  Email: Anna.Mullings@sccpss.com


Resource Teacher - Susan Carlile
  Email: Susan.Carlile@sccpss.com

Resource Para - Mary Nodden
  Email: Mary.Nodden@sccpss.com


Resource Teacher - Kim Bridges
  Email: Kimberly.Bridges@sccpss.com

Resource Para - Mercredi Cloud
Email: Mercredi.Cloud@sccpss.com


itsLearning - The Learning Management System

 On a SCHOOL DEVICE use the following:

1. Log into a Chromebook using the full student email: Firstname.Lastname@students.sccpss.com.
2. Use the Password provided  from last year.  Close Clever window.
3. Click on the itsLearning link (icon) on the bottom task bar.  Start typing Savannah and choose "Savannah Chatham County School District" and go to my site.
4. Choose login with school email.  Use Full Student email again: First.Last@students.sccpss.com with the same password as in step 2. If first.last doesn't work, use the SCCPSS Username(2numbers3letters3letters) @student.sccpss.com.
5. Enter password and click Sign In.

itsLearning LogoTo access itsLearning on a PERSONAL DEVICE:

1. Go to sccpss.itslearning.com
2. Click "Log in with Savannah Chatham Email"
3. Enter your SCCPSS Username (2numbers3letters3letters) @students.sccpss.com.
4. Click next.
5. Enter your password and click sign in.
6. Choose Yes or No to "Stay signed in".

Instructions for signing into Chromebook and Itslearning Step by Step with Pics

Library Media Technology Specialist

If you are having issues with your technology, logging into your Chromebook or databases, have questions about books or ebooks, or about this website or our Facebook pages, please contact Mrs. Lindblad at Deborah.Lindblad@sccpss.com