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Mission Statement
Partnering with parents and community to inspire students to achieve personal and educational excellence.

Vision Statement
Oglethorpe Charter School aspires to be the middle school of choice where students experience and realize their maximum potential through an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

Values and Beliefs Statement
At Oglethorpe Charter School, we value
  • parental involvement
  • innovation
  • respect
  • determination
  • effort
  • positive character development
  • caring for others
  • accountability
We believe in the Core Knowledge curriculum, applying best practices, utilizing effective technology, and providing personal enrichment programs.

Educational Philosophy
Children supported by family and community can learn to their maximum potential when offered a rigorous, content-rich, hands-on curriculum through stimulating teaching in a safe and nurturing environment.


School Year 2014-2015
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Principal, Kevin D. Wall

A Georgia Public Middle School
Core Knowledge
A Core Knowledge School

Oglethorpe Charter School is the first start-up charter middle school in the state of Georgia. The school was founded in August of 1999, and will be entering its 16th year of teaching and learning in the 2015-2016 school year. Oglethorpe Charter School is now located in our new building at 7202 Central Avenue, Savannah, GA 31406!

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If you have questions about
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please contact Ms. Cathy Vogel at (912) 395-5075.

Frequently Asked Questions
Overview PDF
Oglethorpe Charter School Overview

What is your curriculum focus?
We use the Core Knowledge Curriculum, as well as the Georgia Performance Standards. The school is an Official Core Knowledge School.

Is the curriculum effective?
Our students score above state and national averages on every section of standardized tests. On Georgia’s CRCT tests, more than 90% are meeting and exceeding in most subjects (see details under our testing tab). Over one-fourth of our 8th graders qualified to enter into specialty high school programs. We had 100% pass rate for 8th graders taking high school exams in Math I, Spanish I, and 9th grade literature/composition. 88% of Oglethorpe’s 8th graders met or exceeded on the 8th grade writing exam, compared with 64% in the system and 75% in the state. Our former students consistently tell us that they are “more than prepared” for high schools throughout the county.

What innovations have made the students successful?
The most important curriculum innovations are that we have split the traditional language arts curriculum into a reading class and a writing class. This allows teachers time to teach the important skills of reading comprehension, vocabulary, Latin and Greek root words, and literary terms in reading. Writing teachers can focus on grammar, mechanics, spelling, writing, and research.

Oglethorpe students have had so much success with the extra time on task that we also split our math curriculum into two parts – one class focuses on algebraic concepts, and the other focuses on geometry.

How are classes grouped at Oglethorpe?
We use heterogeneously grouped classes, meaning that there are students of low, medium and high ability in each classroom. Gifted students are “clustered” in groups of 8-10 students per class.

How are students enriched at Oglethorpe?
Students who are motivated may participate in a number of academic teams and academic competitions. Oglethorpe participates in the Science Fair, the Social Science Fair, the Spelling Bee, the Geography Bee, the PAGE Academic Bowl, the Reading Quiz Bowl, several math competitions, Odyssey of the Mind competition, and the media festival, as well as local, district and national writing competitions. At the end of the school year, students who have earned an 85 average and have no discipline infractions higher than a level 1 are allowed to choose one Talent Blitz trip to attend. These trips are highly anticipated each year by the students and faculty, and include such activities as trolley tours of the city, kayaking to Little Tybee, dolphin cruises, trips to the newspaper and television station, pottery painting, and other highly engaging activities. All students are encouraged to participate.

Why is it important to attend a middle school?
Young adolescents experience more change during the middle years than at any other time of life except from birth to age three. Since its founding, Oglethorpe Charter School has been structured using a model endorsed by the National Middle School. Our culture includes:
  • Educators who value working with this age group
  • Collaborative leadership, where administrators and teachers work together in the best interests of the students
  • A shared vision that guides all school-based decision-making
  • High expectations for every member of the learning community
  • Students and teachers engaged in active learning
  • Character education programs infused throughout the school year
  • School-initiated family and community partnerships
Because of the way the school is structured, every student participates in a club that takes place during school hours. Middle school athletics are encouraged. After-school clubs include the National Junior Beta Club, the National Junior Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils. School-wide social events help create a spirit of community - Fall Fling, Spirit Week, a Beta Dance and the Yearbook Party. Assemblies are geared toward showcasing student accomplishments. Highlights include the annual Talent Show and the Poetry Slam.

Where do the students come from?
Oglethorpe enrolls approximately 400 students each year, all of whom are selected by lottery. We have a diverse student body – in the 2009-2010 class, we have 54% African-American students; 4% Asian students; 2% Hispanic students; 2% mixed raced students; and 38% Caucasian students. Approximately one-third of Oglethorpe’s students are identified as gifted.

How can families participate at Oglethorpe?
All families sign and must abide by a family contract, which requires that students complete and turn in homework, study for tests, turn in projects on time, and abide by the school’s discipline code. Parents are required to donate volunteer time to the school, and must attend two mandatory parent conferences. In addition, parents are encouraged to attend sporting events and academic activities, as well as chaperone field trips and participate in school activities. We believe that parental support is the cornerstone to Oglethorpe’s continuing success story.

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