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Virtue of the Month: Fairness

"Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you."
- J. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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OCS Tutorial Schedule 2013-2014

Grade Teacher Subject Day Sign Up
All Mr. Case Computers By Appointment Yes
All Ms. Fenning Fitness & Wellness By Appointment Yes
All Mr. Morgan Fitness & Wellness By Appointment Yes
All Mr. Moynihan Drama Thursday Yes
All Mrs. O?bryan Art Monday Verbal Sign Up
All Mr. Perry Fitness & Wellness By Appointment Yes
All Ms. Hargrove Chorus By Appointment Yes
All Mr. Branch Spanish Wednesday In-Class Sign-Up
All Ms. Sims Spanish Thursday No
All Mr. Turner Band As Needed Yes
All Ms. McDermott Gifted/Remediation Thursday No
All Mrs. Shehane All Subjects 8Th/6th Monday Verbal Sign Up
All Mrs. Hardin All Subjects/8th Friday Yes
All Dr. Mulvanity All Subjects/All Grades Tb. A. Upon Request
6th Ms. Kemp Language Arts Thursday No
6th Mr. Hiers Science Monday Yes
6th Mrs. Davis Math Delta Monday No
6th Ms. Meeks Math Alpha Wednesdays No
6th Mrs. Smith Social Studies Monday No
6th Mr. Williams Reading Friday No
6th Mrs. Heard Science Friday No
6th Ms. Mitchell Language Arts Monday No
6th Ms. Wood Social Studies Wednesday No
6th Ms. Lopez Math Delta Monday No
6th Ms. Richards Math Alpha Monday Yes
6th Dr. Meyers Language Arts Friday No
7th Mr. Finley Social Studies Monday No
7th Mrs. Simpson Math Delta Wednesday Preferred
7th Ms. Jay Science Wednesday Yes
7th Mrs. McBrayer Reading Monday Yes
7th Ms. Love Language Arts Monday Preferred
7th Ms. Lombardi Math Alpha Wednesday Yes
8th Mrs. Crain Language Arts Wednesday Yes
8th Mrs. Finley Science Monday No
8th Ms. Chiodi Social Studies Thursday Yes
8th Mr. Horton Math Delta Monday No
8th Ms. Roland Math Alpha/Accel Coord Algebra Thursday: Math 8 Friday: Coordinate Algebra/Geometry Yes
9th Ms. Stephens Reading/9th Grade Comp/Lit Wednesday Yes

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Tutorial Schedule

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